Mid Valley Structures

Since Spring is here, the fun can begin! If you love working with your tools, you probably have a lot. We wanted to give you some tips to store your tools safely and to keep yourself organized. So, follow these great storage ideas so you’re ready to go for it!

  • Allen Wrenches, Drill Bits, Screwdrivers, Pencils: If you’ve lost the cases for your wrenches or want to keep pencils in a safe place, take a piece of plywood and glue some rigid foam insulation and these tools will stick right in.
  • Saw Blades: To keep yourself safe from saw blades, cut a slit down a piece of hose and cover your blades with it.
  • Tool Rack: You probably have an array of tools so why not build a tool rack out of PVC.
  • Sanding Discs: There is an easy and cute way to store your sanding discs and circular saw blades. All you have to do is cut pie tins in half and screw them to your wall!
  • Bits: For easy bit storage, use a magnetic tool holder to keep them safe and all in one spot.
  • Bandsaw Blades: These coiled blades can be tricky. Thread them through binder clips and hang them up on your pegboard to keep them safe and out of the way.