Vinyl Chalets

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Fairy Tale Charm - Modern Durability & Maintenance: The Vinyl Chalet Style Shed

The chalet style shed is something you might think came right out of a story book, with its dormer and steep roof pitch. A chalet is very versatile in its possible uses, form gardening use to storing your off road vehicle, or even as a charming playhouse for the kids. A chalet shed will never look out of style in your yard, and with the customization options it can and will blend seamlessly with your home. Chose the vinyl siding colors that will match and enhance your home and other buildings. Standard features are listed below, but don't forget to check out the many additional custom options and upgrades.

  • 6'4" sidewalls
  • One 32" pre-hung door
  • Two 24"x36" windows with screens & shutters
  • 6' double doors on dormer side
  • Architectural shingles

Customize your new Chalet and customize the way you purchase it!

Click the options button below to see what features and custom colors and options are available. When it comes to purchasing options - we want to make it possible for all types of buyers to get the Mid Valley building that they want. When you're done exploring options - email us for a custom quote!

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Chalet Sizes & Pricing

Size in Feet Vinyl Painted
8x12 $3,457 $3,112
8x14 $3,655 $3,316
8x16 $3,865 $3,500
10x10 $3,609 $3,364
10x12 $4,004 $3,500
10x14 $4,301 $3,755
10x16 $4,465 $3,993
10x18 $4,762 $4,249
10x20 $4,936 $4,531
12x12 $4,570 $3,811
12x14 $4,999 $4,111
12x16 $5,172 $4,411
12x18 $5,441 $4,711
12x20 $5,964 $5,003
12x24 $6,469 $5,589
12x28 $7,010 $6,171
12x32 $7,922 $6,814
12x36 $8,762 $7,365