Yes, we can deliver your custom built shed right to your property with out damage and with very little to no interruption to your property.

We can get your shed, barn, or structure to the exact spot you want it. When you purchase your shed, we will work with you and give you instructions on the site prep. When it comes time to deliver the shed, depending on the accessibility of the location, we choose one of two two methods:

  • Trailer Delivery: Most times a structure can be place in the desired location right from a trailer – its easier and much more quick than you would think!
  • Mule Delivery: In the case the truck and trailer option cannot reach your desired location, we can deliver your shed using the Mule Shed Delivery System, which is a forklift system and can access tight locations that other vehicles cannot access. The tracks left are similar to those left by a large riding lawn mower.

Installation of the structure on your property is an option in some rare cases. For more information you can contact us using the form below.