Buy Outright

Buying your new shed, barn, gazebo or any other structure we sell, is a great way to pay less and you take immediate ownership of your purchase. We cater to a large category of buyers who pay for their structure in full or provide their own financing.

Buying a new shed, barn, building or other structure may not be feasible for all shoppers, but there are many benefits from taking this option.

  • You will pay less over all
  • You will take full ownership of your new building at the time of delivery and purchase
  • You won't have any long term contracts or agreements to manage or sign.

Contact us now if you are interested in purchasing a new offsite building or other structure!

Types of Payments

You can purchase your shed with cash or by credit card.

We accept the Visa, Master Card, and Discover Credit Cards and credit card payments can be made via phone by calling 989-772-0010

We are adding online credit card payment processing very soon for your convenience.