How It Works

We offer flexible buying options that cater to both purchasing buildings outright or using our affordable Rent to Own program with no credit check. You can have peace of mind knowing that you will get a fair price with the best purchase experience possible when you buy your next building or structure from Mid Valley Structures.

Payment Options

Rent To Own

Mid Valley Structures is happy to partner with Great Lakes Rent to Own for our rent to own program.

  1. Online: Fill out the application right now – it only takes a few minutes and it is the fastest way to get the process going. APPLY ONLINE NOW
  2. Download the PDF of the application below and fill it out and return it to us via fax or email. Fax it, or scan and email it to us.
  3. Call us: If you would like us to take your application over the phone please contact us during business hours Monday through Friday.
  4. Please fill out the form completely and submit it, to process your application. We DO NOT Check your credit. Your Social Security number is required for an identity check system.

If you have questions about applying for Rent to Own, please Contact Us.


Buy Outright

Buying a new shed, barn, building or other structure may not be feasible for all shoppers, but there are many benefits from taking this option.

  • You will pay less over all
  • You will take full ownership of your new building at the time of delivery and purchase
  • You won’t have any long term contracts or agreements to manage or sign.


Types of Payments

You can purchase your shed with cash or by credit card.

We accept the Visa, Master Card, and Discover Credit Cards and credit card payments can be made via phone by calling us.

We are adding online credit card payment processing very soon for your convenience.

how it works

Purchase Delivery

Yes, we can deliver your custom built shed, with very little to no impact on your property. Many of our structures are customized, constructed, and delivered. WE can get your shed, barn, or structure to the exact spot you want. Site prep varies depending on the exact location and landscape of your property. When you purchase your shed, we will work with you and give you instructions on the site prep to insure a seamless delivery with minimal disruption to your location. When it comes time to deliver the shed, depending on accessibility of the location, we choose one of three methods:

• Trailer Delivery: Most times a structure can be placed in the desired location right from a trailer – it’s easier and much quicker than you could think!

• Mule Delivery: In the case the truck and trailer option cannot reach your desired location, we deliver your shed using the Mule Shed Delivery System, which is a forklift system and can access tight locations that other vehicles cannot. The tracks left are similar to those left by a large riding lawn mower.

• Onsite Construction: When a factory built building is not an option due to location or other obstacles, such as fenced yard or tight lot, we offer a full line of build-on-site structures. These buildings range from small storage sheds to garages, 2 story cabins and homes, barns, and more.

We’ve Got What You Need

There’s no need to shop around if you are looking for a cost effective, reliable, and high-quality storage shed. We know that not all shed manufacturers are created equally and buying from the wrong source you could see it start to deteriorate prematurely. Pricing shouldn’t seem too good to be true. Make sure the manufacturer isn’t using substandard materials in order to reduce costs. Our Structures are built with high quality material and proper practices, and you can own our high-quality storage sheds that won’t cost you your first born.

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