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At Mid Valley Structures, we offer the finest, highest quality on-site built and portable sheds, barns, portable cabins, garages, metal buildings, carports and outdoor structures in Michigan! Choose from our huge selection of Amish built sheds, barns, cottages, and more. We have affordable purchase options, or you can rent to own with no credit check.  We serve central and southern MI including Canton, Livonia, Warren, Sterling Heights, Troy, Pontiac, Novi, Ann Arbor, and many, many more.


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Portable Storage Sheds

The Many Benefits of Portable Storage Buildings

There are many great reasons why someone might want to invest in a portable building such as a portable shed, portable garage or portable cabin. Portable buildings are noted for their flexibility and versatility, and you can use them for a whole host of purposes.

Why We Are “The Right Portable Storage Building Company”

The best storage building manufacturers are those that design and build structures that can last for a lifetime before they need to be replaced. We make sure they are using materials of the highest caliber and making the most of the best manufacturing techniques. When you are looking for a company that can provide you with portable cabin, portable shed, garden shed, portable garage or a utility shed, it’s important to choose a business with a great reputation that has plenty of experience to draw upon. We have outstanding genuine reviews online and a staff who are more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. Your portable building can serve you well for decade after decade to come, and as long as you treat it properly, it will be adding value to your life while making it much easier.

Why Buy a Portable Storage Shed?

Portable buildings are ideal for people who are looking for extra storage space but don’t want to rent those high-priced storage units or get rid of their prized possessions. You can store all kinds of goods in portable buildings, and there are many special features that you can opt for. These include lofted storage, various styles, roofing and color options and more.


If you have always dreamed of owning a portable building but have been unable to, you now have options. Whether you are on a budget or have more to spend, it’s possible to own a shed and have it delivered to you for a very small amount of money through our Rent-To-Own Program.

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Find the Best Portable Sheds and Cabins

A great option for those seeking additional space for their stuff is the portable shed commonly referred to as the Utility Shed, Garden Shed, Dutch Barn Shed, and Lofted Barn Shed. Portable can be used to store items safely, securely, out of the elements. Sheds can be used as workshops, hobby and craft rooms, He-Sheds, She-Sheds, home offices, storing sporting goods, lawncare and more. Many people purchase portable garden sheds when they need something reliable and traditional, and there are many extra features you can add to your shed to make it even more efficient. A portable utility shed is basic, but it may be ideal for someone with basic needs. These sheds are noted for their simple, minimalistic style and you can add various extra features to them if you need to. If you need to have more storage, the lofted barn is the answer. It has a built-in loft to get those lesser used items up and out of the way. Portable cabins have also been growing in popularity over recent years and are perfect for those looking for living space. They make great mother in law’s quarters, guest rooms, home offices, He and She Sheds, hunting and fishing cabins and even tiny homes.  Living in a portable cabin is easy and they can be finished to any level you like by a DIYer or a carpenter. More people are living in portable cabins than you might ever expect.

The Benefits of Portable Garages

Portable garages are the most cost-effective way to get your wheeled vehicle indoors and protected. In some cases, a portable garage can help you reduce your insurance premiums and achieve valuable peace of mind. It’s never wise to be complacent when it comes to security, and a portable garage could be the ideal solution if you need a safe storage option for your vehicle. As portable garages have heavily reinforced floors, they can be delivered and installed quickly, without foundations. Your portable garage will be ready to use the day it’s delivered, so you can protect your car, truck, motorcycle or other wheeled vehicle.

Funding your Portable Shed, Portable Cabin or Portable Garage

Can’t swing paying cash for your Structure? No problem at all! We offer an amazing rent-to-own package and EVERYONE QUALIFIES.  There are NO CREDIT CHECKS, just a simple down payment and affordable monthly terms. At the end of you 24, 36, 48 or 60 mo. term, you own the structure! Imagine the value and how much you’ll save by owning your structure. It doesn’t even matter if you rent or own the property it’s being delivered to, as long as the landlord gives approval to deliver and set-up the shed.

We Offer the Highest Quality Portable Sheds

There’s no need to shop around if you are looking for a cost effective, reliable, and high-quality storage shed. We know that not all shed manufacturers are created equally and buying from the wrong source you could see it start to deteriorate prematurely. Pricing shouldn’t seem too good to be true. Make sure the manufacturer isn’t using substandard materials in order to reduce costs. Our Structures are built with high quality material and proper practices, and you can own our high-quality storage sheds that won’t cost you your first born.


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Eliminate the Unusable Garage

We know, we’ve seen it, that garage, that was built to park your car in, is so full of stuff you can barely walk into it. When you buy a portable storage shed, you can open up that garage, reduce clutter in your home, attic and basement too. A quality portable shed can keep your goods organized. Items that you might wish to keep in a shed, portable cabin or garage might include sports equipment, musical instruments, camping equipment and so on. You don’t just need to use your portable sheds for storage, you can also use them to create additional living space. This is ideal for families and people who need accommodations for themselves or visitors.

Versatile, Dependable Portable Buildings

Those seeking affordable living space are catered to brilliantly with portable cabins. These buildings are used for living, sleeping, kitchens, craft rooms and more. You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to things you can achieve with a portable building. Many people buy a portable cabin after they have had children and need a place to relax now that their extra bedrooms are occupied by the kids.

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Leave Portable Shed Manufacturing to the Professionals

Tempting as it might be to create your own structure, things can go very wrong and become very expensive if you don’t have sufficient experience or knowledge. If you make a mistake, putting it right can be very expensive. Fitting windows, doors and siding requires a great deal of skill and experience, so don’t take the risk. What’s more is that things can become particularly tricky for rookies when it comes to making sure durability is built into the shed through techniques and materials.

Why a Portable Building

If you have been thinking about buying a new shed, garage, barn or cabin, it’s a great idea to go portable. They are factory built to the highest tolerances using jigs to make certain that they are straight and true. This assures that every building is as close to perfect as you could get. A portable garage can be just as reliable and functional as a permanent garage, and you can use it to store not only cars but bikes and boats too. If you every become unhappy with the location of a conventional building, it’s not possible to relocate it, but with a portable shed, you can easy make that move. You can also add many custom options to make your shed the way you want it.

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Buildings constructed on your property are available in many sizes and styles.

We Understand Your Shed Needs

As a quality manufacturer, we will talk you through your options and explain everything to you so you can purchase a building to be proud of. When you are looking for a portable shed, search for something that not only performs brilliantly but looks great too. As your building will face brutal winters, spring rains and hot summers, you must choose something that is as tough as it is visually appealing. We got the right buildings for you.

A Host of Excellent Features to Make It Yours

Technological advancements have made it easier for our customers to opt for a whole host of features and add-ons that we can provide. In addition, it’s easy for our customers to add cooking facilities, televisions, internet access and so on to your portable storage building, all by yourself. Interior finishing can be done by a professional or a DIY’er, just let your imagination run wild. Our team will deliver it to you and get it set up on your site and it will be ready to use that same day.

Sheds for Sale

Quality and Affordability

The popularity of portable sheds is no surprise, they are built better and cost less than other options. Stronger than they have ever been, portable buildings offer you a wide range of colors, designs and features, with prices that anyone can afford. A huge benefit of purchasing a portable storage building is that you won’t have to fork out for excessive contractor fees and building permits.

Need to move a portable building?

You can also move your portable storage shed, garage, building or cabin around easily. Whether you simply want it to face a different direction or need to move it to another site, this is not a big challenge. A professional shed mover has the proper equipment to move your shed across the lawn or across the city. Many quality storage buildings retain their value over time, they can increase your property value. In the future you could sell your sheds and hire a professional shed mover to delivery it.

The Perfect Solution

Whether you’re running a small business, have a hobby you need extra space, are looking for extra living space or need somewhere new to relax in, a durable, portable building is your answer. You can use your building as a workshop, shed, home office, living quarters, craft room, pool house, lunchroom and more. There are so many advantages to owning portable garden sheds, portable storage sheds, portable utility sheds, portable buildings, portable cabins and portable garages. We’ve got plenty of portable sheds, ready to deliver to you, today!

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