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A shed is only a storage shed if you want it to be, and a pool house can be much more than a changing room. You can have a she-shed, a cozy craft cottage, housing for overnight guests, or a way to make extra money on vacation rental apps. Let our sheds blog inspire you to consider all the possibilities available to you with backyard structures, metal buildings, custom buildings, and more.

custom built home

Everything You Want to Know About Making Your Dream Home a Reality

In the world of homeownership, making your dream home a reality can quickly turn into frustrations and concerns when faced with the complexities of building a custom home. Imagine the anxiety of not having your ideal storage space, the stress of a disorganized homestead, or the worry of inadequate protection for your family. In this …

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12×16 Cape Cod shed

Explore the Various Types of Sheds that Make Your Life Easier

In outdoor storage solutions, the decision-making process for your backyard sheds can be fraught with challenges for many individuals in Michigan. The stress and frustration of dealing with storage issues, a dilapidated shed on the brink of collapse, or the constant worry about the safety and protection of your belongings can be overwhelming. These problems …

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48x31x9 Steel Garage Metal Garage

Drive Efficiency and Savings with Metal Buildings for Business

Do you often grapple with storage issues, have inadequate space for expanding operations, or have concerns about protecting valuable equipment or inventory? Your current structures may also be in disrepair, leading to safety issues and compromised protection from extreme weather conditions. Additionally, the clutter and lack of organization may contribute to frustration and embarrassment, affecting …

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10×16 with 4 ft porch Dutch Barn IMG_3844-scaled

Experience the Charm and Functionality of a Barn-Style Shed

In Michigan, homeowners, businesses, and agricultural professionals encounter various issues with not having enough storage space. The frustrations are numerous, from damage to belongings and disrepair of current sheds to safety concerns and clutter. Worrying about property loss due to inadequate protection against heavy snow or weather damage can be insurmountable. But you can eliminate …

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A 16x48 ft shed is being loaded onto a delivery truck.

Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Shed Site Preparation

In preparing for the arrival of a new shed, the process of shed site preparation can present homeowners, businesses, and agricultural enthusiasts with numerous challenges and concerns. From ensuring a completely level and solid foundation to addressing drainage and ground preparation, prepping the site for a new shed involves navigating various intricacies that can lead …

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10×20 Dutch Barn IMG_5157-scaled

8 Questions to Ask to Get the Right Backyard Storage Shed for Your Home

Are you tired of the clutter in your backyard? Do you constantly search for a place to store your outdoor tools, equipment, and other items? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You want a solution that provides ample storage and enhances your home’s overall look. You can finally create a well-organized and beautiful backyard oasis with the …

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Estate Cape Cod Shed

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about A-Frame Sheds

Are you tired of dealing with storage woes and limited space in your backyard? Do you struggle to keep your gardening tools organized or wish for extra room to store your outdoor equipment? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners in Michigan face these frustrations when finding a reliable solution for their storage needs. In …

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10×20 Dutch Barn

Discover the Right Shed Roof Styles and Materials for You

Are you confused by the different terms used to describe shed roofs? Unsure of what material is the best one for you to pick when customizing your ideal shed or metal building? We understand your pain, and that’s why we’re here to help. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of different …

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48x31x9 Steel Garage Metal Garage

How to Maximize Space and Efficiency with the Right Metal Building Size

Imagine the frustration of investing in a metal building only to realize it doesn’t provide enough space for your needs. Whether you’re a homeowner in Michigan seeking additional storage space or a business owner looking to expand your workspace, determining the perfect metal building size is crucial. And the consequences of making the wrong choice …

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