Color Options

Choose the colors for your building, for the trim, and roofing below. Use the color guide to help. Please note - actual color may vary slightly from how the color is depicted on the website or printed.


Color Guide

This simple guide will show you exactly where each color category will be on your new barn or shed. We will be introducing an interactive customizer on our site soon! In the meantime, we hope this guide will help.

Exterior Color Options - Vinyl Siding

Click each color swatch below to show the color's name and a larger image of it.

Cape Cod Grey Siding Color.jpg
Adobe Cream Siding Color.jpg
Coastal Sage Siding Color.jpg
Glacier White Siding Color.jpg
Maple Siding Color.jpg
Monterey Sand Siding Color.jpg
Natural Linen Siding Color.jpg
Tuscan Clay Siding Color.jpg
Vintage Wicker Siding Color.jpg
Mystic Blue Siding Color.jpg

Color Options - Painted Wood Siding & Painted Trim

Click each color swatch below to show the color's name and a larger image of it.

Barn White Paint Color.jpg
Buckskin Paint Color.jpg
Charcoal Brown Paint Color.jpg
Clay Paint Color.jpg
GP Cream Paint Color.jpg
Gray Paint Color.jpg
Jamestown Red Paint Color.jpg
Kaufmann Gray Paint Color.jpg
Monterey Sand Paint Color.jpg
Navajo White Paint Color.jpg
New Holland Beige Paint Color.jpg
Stoltzfus Tan Paint Color.jpg
Wedgewood Paint Color.jpg
Yoder Blue Paint Color.jpg
Riehl Green Paint Color.jpg

Roof / Shingle Color Options

Click the color swatches below to see the color name and a larger image of it.


Color Options - Aluminum Trim

Click each color swatch below to show the color's name and a larger image of it.

Black Aluminum Trim Color.jpg
Cape Cod Grey Aluminum Trim Color.jpg
Green Aluminum Trim Color.jpg
Musket Brown Aluminum Trim Color.jpg
Pacific Blue Aluminum Trim Color.jpg
Red Aluminum Trim Color.jpg
Terratone Bronze Aluminum Trim Color.jpg
Tuscan Clay Aluminum Trim Color.jpg
Tuxedo Gray Aluminum Trim Color.jpg