Sheds for Your Backyard on a Budget: Tips for Finding Affordable Options

You’re not alone if you’re searching for affordable sheds for your backyard. Many homeowners and renters need extra storage space or a small workspace but have a limited budget. Maybe you have browsed sheds at big box stores but weren’t happy with the appearance or integrity of the structure. Plus, you weren’t sure which one to use that would meet your needs.  

You should be able to find shed storage for your outdoor space that fits your needs and your budget. That’s where our app comes in. With our free, easy-to-use design feature, you can customize your perfect shed to exactly what you want at an affordable price. But before you get started, let’s explore a few key factors that can impact the cost of your backyard shed.

Which Materials Are Best for You?

When you’re interested in building a shed in your backyard, your chosen materials can significantly impact its final cost. You could opt for a painted wood shed, which will be your least expensive option up front and allows you to choose the paint color. However, the ongoing maintenance for a wood shed can be higher. Another great choice is vinyl siding, which is just slightly more expensive than wood. You can also choose your vinyl color, and the upkeep isn’t as much as wood.

Finally, 29-gauge metal is going to be your most expensive option. But it’s also probably the most durable and can last for years. You can also choose between metal and shingles for your roofing, with shingles being the lesser expensive option. Some of these choices aren’t available for all styles of sheds either, so you’ll want to keep that in mind as you determine which material to choose when putting a shed in your backyard.

How Big of a Shed Do You Need?

Whether you’re looking for more storage space, a man cave or she-shed, or a backyard or patio oasis, sheds can suit various needs. But keep in mind that the size of your shed will determine its cost, so it’s important to consider carefully how big you want it. Shed sizes can range from as small as 8×8 feet to as large as 16×48 feet.

A smaller, more affordable shed may suffice if you simply need extra storage space. If you plan to use an area of your shed as a workspace or gathering spot, a larger, more expensive option may be necessary. However, please get in touch with our shed experts because we can provide recommendations on sizes based on your needs.

Which Accessories Are Necessary?

A shed's interior with a wooden workbench.

Adding accessories like windows, skylights, or shelving can increase the cost of your shed. Determine which accessories are necessary for your needs and budget accordingly. For example, will you store an ATV, a riding lawn mower, or other large equipment in the shed? Then you may need a roll-up door with a ramp. Are you using your shed as a crafting space? Then you may want to add some windows to watch your kids play on your property while you work.

Interior options that can increase the cost of storage sheds built in your backyard include adding a loft, which can be nice for extra storage space. You can also add a workbench that is perfect as a potting bench or a woodworking bench. You may also want to add a peg board to store tools and hang other items. While all of these accessories are nice to have, if you are on a budget, consider if they are necessary before adding them to your shed design. For example, if you’re just using your shed for storage boxes, you may not need any of these accessories.

What Will Your Maintenance Needs Look Like?

Different materials and designs may require more maintenance than others, which can impact long-term costs. For example, wood sheds require ongoing upkeep, like staining or painting. Vinyl and metal require less long-term maintenance but a higher upfront cost. Consider how often you will complete maintenance tasks as you choose your shed.

Do You Need to Use a Rent-to-Own Program?

For those on a tighter budget, rent-to-own programs may be viable. This type of payment allows you to pay off the cost of the shed in installments rather than paying the full amount upfront. However, it’s important to carefully read the terms and understand the program’s full cost before committing. Additionally, buying a shed for your own home or backyard outright requires the most money upfront but is the least expensive option.

For example, if your shed’s total price is $6,431.44, buying it outright requires a 20% deposit of $1,286.29, with the balance ($5,145.16) due upon delivery. If you choose our rent-to-own program, you would need anywhere from a $242 deposit (if using RTO for 60 months) to a $381 deposit (if using RTO for 24 months).

Looking for Affordable Sheds for Your Backyard?

Affordable storage sheds for your backyard shouldn’t be hard to find. By considering materials, size, accessories, maintenance needs, and payment options, you can design the perfect shed to fit your budget and needs. You can also consider pre-owned options or pre-built sheds for budget-friendly options.

Choose us as your shed dealer no matter which route you go for your shed. Our app makes the shed buying process simple and enjoyable, allowing you to customize every aspect of your backyard shed and putting you in control of your budget. Start designing today and enjoy the benefits of a functional, budget-friendly outdoor storage space.


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